Who we are

bâlcanto is a highly motivated, mixed amateur choir with international membership. Founded on November 14, 2005 and presently consisting of 45 members. The choir was led by founder Scott Agnew until summer 2011. Abélia Nordmann took over as musical director in autumn 2011. The name bâlcanto combines the French name of Basel (Bâle) and the Italian word for singing (canto). This word combination describes what we do, where we do it and forms a conscious association with the term bel canto [Italian: beautiful singing].


The purpose of the choir will be the study, practice, and performance of a wide variety of choral music, with the aim of contributing to Switzerland’s rich cultural mosaic. We will entertain, unite and uplift our audiences and members through music that is distinguished for its diversity and artistic excellence. We will foster the personal development of musical and vocal abilities of our members, and we will promote a sense of unity through the integration of members of different nationalities, coming together socially to enjoy music, music making and each other.


  • All style periods from Renaissance to Modern
  • Challenging folk song arrangements
  • Jazz
  • Spirituals
  • Rehearsals
  • Weekly rehearsals with integrated voice training
  • Intensive rehearsal weekend retreats twice yearly


  • Date: Mondays 7.15 pm – 9.15 pm
  • Address: Wirtshaus zur Mägd, First Floor, St. Johanns-Vorstadt 29, Basel
  • Rehearsals are held throughout the year except public holidays, summer and autumn vacation.

bâlcanto is a member of the International Federation of Choral Music


We are grateful for any of your much appreciated support:

  • bâlcanto, 4000 Basel
    Konto: 60-628254-3
    IBAN: CH27 0900 0000 6062 8254 3